Creamy Cheese Dip with Tomato Chilli Jam

Creamy Cheese Dip with Tomato Chilli Jam

Feeling peckish? Dive into this creamy cheese dip with a spicy tomato jam twist! 

This appetising combination brings together the rich, creamy goodness of cheese with a zesty kick of spicy tomato chilli jam. Perfect for dipping your favourite chips, crackers, or veggies, this dish is sure to be a hit at any gathering! 


  • Cream Cheese 
  • Crème Fraiche 
  • Salt and Pepper 
  • What A Pickle! Tomato Chilli Jam


  1. Mix with a spatula the cream cheese and crème fraiche. Season. Pop into a bowl.
  2. Dollop a large spoonful of Tomato Chilli Jam on Top.  
  3. Chop up some fresh raw veg for dipping along with some chunky crisps or tortilla chips! Yum! 
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